Please familiarise yourself with my website and all the information provided.


This will eliminate you asking unnecessary questions when making contact.


Priority is given to those who reflect kindness, courtesy & respect.


How do I make a booking?

The preferred method of contact is email or text.


Please include the following essential information with your sms or email.

  • Name
  • Location 
  • Preferred appointment date
  • Preferred time, with a possibility of a second choice
  • Booking type
  • Mobile number or valid email address. (Please indicate your preferred method of contact and hours of contact)


Once we have negotiated a suitable time for our date, I will ask you to call me so that we can have a brief chat and confirm our date in my diary.


I will give you further information then.


I will also ask you to call me on the day of our appointment, usually within the hour or so before our time is to begin (that way, I'm likely to be availble to take your call as I will be getting ready for you).


At this point, I will give you the address over the phone.


I never text or email the address, so you must call me for this information.


Are you an Independant Escort?

Yes I am an independent private escort I work for myself.


I am a registered provider in the ACT and Victoria


Can I take videos or photos of you?

Sorry , videos or photos are not possible.


Where are you located?

I do have a private incall apartment .


If you would like further information about my location, we can discuss it over the phone.



I understand that things come up from time to time that cannot be avoided.


It is appreciated that you contact me with as much notice as possible to cancel/reschedule your appointment .


Late Arrivals and Overstays:

I am generally fairly relaxed on this issue and allow a 15 min "grace period" for all of my sessions. That means you may be up to 15 min late, . If you are more than 15 min late... I may not be able to offer the full time of the appointment. If you stay over by more than 15 min.... I will politely begin nudging you out the door. 



Health and Safety

Please note: I practice safe sex at all times – I always use condoms for sexual intercourse.


If we meet and you are showing signs of any visible Sexually Transmittable Infection, I will cancel the booking and a cancellation fee of $100 will apply.


This applies to other types of Contagious Infections as well such as a Cold, Flu or Eye Infection.


I will not be able to continue and this will incur a cancellation fee of $100.


If there is anything you are concerned about please get it checked out and let me know so we can reschedule for when you have the all clear by a Doctor.


Can you send me some more photos?

You will find my photos a representative of me when we meet, because they are me.


Due to the nature of my business I prefer to keep my identity private, therefore I am not comfortable sharing photos of my face, but I can assure you that when we meet you will be pleasantly surprised.


The photographs available on this site are the only ones I will provide you with so please do not ask me for any photos.


Photos are updated every 6 months.


Do you do Pornstar Experience (PSE)?

No I do not provide this service.


I do enjoy my work and I would like to continue to do so , therefore I only provide a service that I enjoy.


What's the difference between Incall and Outcall?

Incall is you coming to me and outcall is I come to you.


Outcalls require a $100 fee.


Do you have any age preferences?

Yes , I do have a preference for mature clients , 30+.


Appearances & Hygiene?

Hygiene is important to me as I shower before every booking and I appreciate it in return.


If you can not shower before hand a shower is available to do so.


Fresh towels , soap wash , deodorant and mouth wash are available for your use.