Please familiarise yourself with my website and all the information provided.


This will eliminate you asking unnecessary questions when making contact.


Priority is given to those who reflect kindness, courtesy & respect.


How do I make a booking?

The preferred method of contact is email.


Please include the following essential information with your email.

  • Name
  • Location 
  • Preferred appointment date
  • Preferred time, with a possibility of a second choice
  • Booking type
  • First contact by email. 


Once we have negotiated a suitable time for our date, I will ask you to call me so that we can have a brief chat and confirm our date in my diary.


Are you an Independant Escort?

Yes I am an independent private escort I work for myself.


I am a registered provider in the ACT and Victoria


Can I take videos or photos of you?

Sorry , videos or photos are not possible.



I understand that things come up from time to time that cannot be avoided.


It is appreciated that you contact me with as much notice as possible to cancel/reschedule your appointment .



Health and Safety

Please note: I practice safe sex at all times – I always use condoms for sexual intercourse.


When we meet and you are showing signs of any visible Sexually Transmittable Infection, I will cancel the booking and a cancellation fee of $100 will apply.


This applies to other types of Contagious Infections as well such as a Cold, Flu or Eye Infection.


I will not be able to continue and this will incur a cancellation fee of $100.


If there is anything you are concerned about please get it checked out and let me know so we can reschedule for when you have the all clear by a Doctor.


Can you send me some more photos?

You will find my photos a representative of me when we meet, because they are me.


Due to the nature of my business I prefer to keep my identity private, therefore I am not comfortable sharing photos of my face, but I can assure you that when we meet you will be pleasantly surprised.


The photographs available on this site are the only ones I will provide you with so please do not ask me for any photos.


Photos are updated every 6 months.


Do you do Pornstar Experience (PSE)?

No I do not provide this service.


I do enjoy my work and I would like to continue to do so , therefore I only provide a service that I enjoy.


Do you have any age preferences?

Yes , I do have a preference for mature clients , 40+.


Appearances & Hygiene?

Hygiene is important to me as I shower before every booking and I appreciate it in return.